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 Game layout.

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PostSubject: Game layout.   Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:26 pm

Before the game officially begins, every player will receive a private message from the game host telling them which character they have chosen to be, it is important not to reveal your character unless you actually trust the person, I advice no trust since it is easy to fool one person. After every day/night an update will come up which will allow you to see were everyone is at:

Player A - Fine
Player B - Injured
Player C - Dead. {User}
Player D - Trapped

These are the four status you can possibly have after each day/night as they're Fine, Injured,Dead and Trap. If the player is fine then either nothing major has happened to you or you can won your battle and came out unharmed. If your player is Injured you survived a battle but are left with a dew injury and is weaken. If the player is Dead, then your dead but please do not reveal anything when you die since that will just ruin the game unless an ability is caused on you. If you are trapped then you can not be able to do anything for the next turn.

When day arrives, we all may be able to accuse one User, and the user with the most votes gets executed. I hope to see you on the field fellow players.


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PostSubject: Re: Game layout.   Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:04 pm

You took so long making these, how much HM01 will you be if it fails?


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Game layout.
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