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Cloud Strife Lore

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Cloud Strife Lore

Post by Kiyon on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:03 am

Class: B
Strength: 7
Speed: 5
Intelligence: 1
Skill: 3
Age: 23
Height: 173cm
Gender: Male

Cloud works at an elite warrior unit called SOLDIER and learns that being a hero is not only physical strength and fame. His broadsword can turn into ultima weapon and fuck over the world. He is a soldier so he only attacks upfront to death. Being ashamed of the past, his abilities get reduced when he is hiding. His ultima sword is enough to kill an enemy like Dante in one shot.

An arrogant and proud swordsman at first, Cloud believes himself to be a member of an elite warrior unit called SOLDIER. He discovers the memories of who he was are not his own and, with the help of his friends, learns there is more to being a hero than possessing physical strength and fame. “I pity you. You just don't get it at all... there's not a thing I don't cherish!”
“Originally a member of SOLDIER, he is now a mercenary who will take any job...

How he joined the game:
Cloud sleeping gets a horrific vision, the vision of Zack dying, this bloody figure telling him to avenge his death by joining ATGF. Cloud being quite a coward decided not to but Tifa smacks him and leaves the room. Soon after she gets kidnapped by a member who that killed Zack, Cloud loses it and joins.
Another Keiin Edition.


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